First of All…

First of All…


Preparing for an interview some time ago, I started listing out potential questions that could be asked during the session, in doing this exercise, one question kept popping up in my mind, I was somehow 100% sure this question would be asked but at this point, I didn’t seem to have a suitable answer for it

Why the shift from Mechanical Engineering?

This was not the first time coming across this question, it came up some years earlier when I started mobile development while in the University(a mech student doing web/mobile programming at that time was a little off), people were mostly asking what I was doing with programming related stuff, in time and with increasing frequency of getting these questions, I started giving them a very suitable and increasingly refined answers

Person: Why the shift from…

Me: “The world is going digital, I have to align myself”; “Innovation is moving from hardware to software” e.t.c

(Following the universal rule)

For for this particular interview, however, I found it hard to apply my initially well-refined answers, the role I was applying for was a more drastic shift than merely switching “engineering disciplines”.  To answer this question, I prayed, researched e.t.c (yes o, on-top interview, your boy needed that job).

When the eureka moment eventually came, The realizations I came to transformed clear some questions I wasn’t even asking, I began to rethink about the way I see myself,  the way I do things e.t.c Some of these things are actually a big part of why I am starting this blog.

What was the answer?  Just a minute 😀

This blog is meant to primarily be a space to do a few things, some of which are( but are not limited to, This is important before someone comes to sue me on-top blog 😛 )

  • Share new stuff I think you will find useful
  • Demystify some confusing concepts, especially ones I find hard to grasp myself
  • Sharing research, personal learnings, thoughts, viewpoints
  • Building competencies
  • Expressing my creativity – I consider myself some sort of a creative, I am looking forward to this bit
  • and more………..

Everything coming on here is as much for the readers as it will be my growth or improvement , so you can be sure I am well invested in sharing useful stuff, I will, however, try my best to make content readable, simple and will definitely appreciate your engagement, suggestions, contributions as I look forward to fruitful discussions.

Solutions – I found that this was the line between what I was passionate about, my course of study, education journey, career path, business pursuits, “dreams”. Simply creating and building solutions.

I love solutions

It’s clear that has been no actual “shift from mechanical engineering”, The aim is always to be empowered to solve more challenging problems


At this moment, I am particularly interested in Education, Technology, Energy, Design, Business & social impact; these interests will definitely reflect in posts on here.

In as much as I have gotten an answer to an important question now, there are however so many other questions I want to be able to answer, this blog is being set up to share this journey with you, hopefully in the process I answer some of yours too.


Yours in Learning,

Taiye Oloriade


  1. Oghenetega Odioko

    Mr. Oloriade, you are simply synonymous with greatness.

    From our undergraduate days in Uni, when you were a mech student constantly coding in our room and being the great pastor that you are, also providing guidance for the young believers and spiritual leaders (Pastor Ifektive Babs, I am looking at you), you have always displayed greatness.🙌

    Over the last couple of years, you have slowly evolved into a superb financial services provider and now we are blogging!!! 😁

    Keep kinging bro, you are destined for greatness! ✊

    1. Taiye Oloriade

      President Tega! Inspiration of thousands

      This made me smile.. a lot, Thanks for reading and the kind comments

  2. Pk

    Taiye Baba, this is nice. You like to spring up surprises every now and then though, any one chooses to know you after the flesh and undermine your potentials, na him cup of tea be that.

    Back to the matter, you haven’t settled we the Omo onile’s on this land you are building your blog on. Do quick before we scatter ground 😂😂😂

    1. Taiye Oloriade

      Thanks so much Sir, for the encouragement, We are sure to do more!

      Once I am done paying for C of O, I will move to settle all payments🤣🤣

  3. Grace Okeme

    Congratulations Gee! 🎊 Love it! You can count on the fact that I’d be reading.

    1. Taiye Oloriade

      Thanks Grace!!!,

      Really appreciate your support, We await yours also

  4. Ibk

    Mr Taiye😄😄

    Now I’ll have to go get my notebook ready specially for this.

    Sure there’s a whole lot to come

    Brace yourself earthlings ❗

    1. Taiye Oloriade

      Lool, IBK

      Thanks man, really appreciate this

  5. Dickson

    Nice read…looking forward!

    1. Taiye Oloriade

      Thanks Dickson for reading and the comment!

      It’s been a while though, So nice to hear from you

      Trust you’re doing great


    This is exciting to engage in and I am looking forward to being a part of it

    1. Taiye Oloriade

      Thanks Gbolahan!

  7. Kind of surprised that you are writing, not just that but running a blog (you didn’t just walk into the door, you actually took a seat at the table). Although i’m excited when I seeing this unexpected dimension.

    You are great.

    And sure, I will be here, reading and lurking…

    Awaiting more from your craniums.

    1. Taiye Oloriade

      Thanks Nana!!

      Really appreciate your reading and comments!

  8. Kehinde Oloriade

    Is this the right time to famz the awesomeness that is my brother.

    Great article bro. Keep it up!

    1. Taiye Oloriade

      Thanks Kay!!

  9. Akande Olalekan Anthony

    Can’t wait to read many more articles bro, particularly those related to education.

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