My journey to becoming a CBAP in Nigeria – 2

My journey to becoming a CBAP in Nigeria – 2

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Thanks again for reading through and continuing the read. I will share the practical steps, materials and helpful tips that could help you in your preparation for your  CBAP exam.


The most useful materials for me while preparing for:

  • Business Analysis Body Of Knowledge(BABOK): This is was the primary reference material for me, I could not read it in the sequential fashion for the lack of time but it remained an essential piece of my preparation efforts. If you can read through, best practice is to go through the material about 2 times
  • Watermark CBAP testing: This platform provides detailed answers which help you understand why an option is a correct or wrong answer. This really helped in my confidence in deciphering between close answers. It also allows you to test yourself across all the 6 knowledge areas, techniques, and key concepts
    • My testing techniques: This started even before I started the Watermark CBAP testing, every time I practiced a test and came across an unfamiliar term or anything I didn’t understand. I wrote the words down in a list. This list which eventually contained about 50-100 items became a checklist for my areas of weaknesses. I reviewed each item until I felt comfortable with most
    • The Watermark testing can be accessed here 
  • Full Business Analysis Course: As much as this course was designed to aid my preparation for the CBAP example, I really enjoyed this course from a general point of view especially as it helped me conceptualize some BA techniques and concepts by using relevant and descriptive examples . The material is based on the BABOK albeit loosely as compared to the other materials on this list. The course is a paid one and can be accessed here 
  • Business Analyst Training for Beginners: Received recommendation for this on a Business Analyst group I joined, I couldn’t be more grateful I stumbled upon it before my exam. This is a free resource which became a  fundamental material in my preparation. This material is strictly based on the BABOK as it basically strips the to the basics of what you’d need to know in your preparations. You’d could possibly go through a knowledge area within 20 – 30 minutes, When you combine this with some recall exercises, you should be fine with the basics of some tasks s i.e the Purpose, Descriptions, Inputs, Outputs, Elements, Guideline and Tools. This 5 hour is freely available, please see below.

I believe the fact that it was a video helped me go through BABOK material in relatively quicker time working through all the chapters(Please do this if you can) as I couldn’t read all within the time I received.

Exam Day Realizations (FAQ)

Do I need to memorize some of the components of each task?

The exam was a scenario-based one which tested your how much you can apply of the overall body of knowledge in different scenarios. Would you see direct questions? For example, What inputs and output for a particular task is? probably not directly. Your ability to recall some key aspects of the material will definitely be key to your practice?

  • I actually didn’t believe I would need to do this but my testing with Watermark made me realize knowing the specific order required some certain tasks, the required input or output was necessary.
  • The way I went about this was stepwise. I memorized the Knowledge Areas first, trying to understand how the relationships between them, I then focused on the tasks within each knowledge area, after getting a working knowledge, I focused on Inputs and Output. (Please note I wasn’t perfect before I moved steps).
  • For the elements, I did a cursory brush-up but couldn’t focus on it as much as I wanted to.
  • The guidelines and tools? I am sure you know they are a lot, I however had a working knowledge of quite a number of them from my experience hence my review focused on techniques I wasn’t so familiar with.

Did I see similar questions from Watermark testing?

  • I am not sure I saw direct representations of questions I encountered during my testing in the exam, however, I was more positive going through the questions because of the understanding gained from the testing period.

Time for preparation?

  • I can’t really be specific to what time you will need. I took about a week off to prepare fully to write the exam, I believe this was essential to my eventual success.

If this was helpful or if you have any questions, kindly let me know in the comment section below


Yours in learning,
Taiye Oloriade 


  1. Vincent

    thank you Taiye for this, I am tapping from your experience and success believing that it will be my story as well.

    1. Taiye Oloriade

      Glad to hear this helped you, Will be very happy to hear of your success!

  2. Vincent

    Looks like all Vincents find your post interesting, Taiye. 🙂
    Thank you so much. This was really helpful. Now I have a clearer via of what the exam is like and how I can prepare best.
    Thanks again.

  3. Ife

    Hi Taiye, Beautiful write up. It sure would help those intending to write the exam. Worked for me I would say is my work experience as I never got to read the BABOK cover to cover before writing the exam.

    1. Taiye Oloriade

      Thanks Ife! Glad you enjoyed the article and thanks for sharing your experience

  4. Boluwatife Sofodun

    Thank you for sharing, Taiye. Explaining who a business analyst is in the first write up helped in shaping my understanding as I read further.

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