Nigeria’s Electricity sector – #SinceIwasBorn

Nigeria’s Electricity sector – #SinceIwasBorn


“Since I was born and now I am getting old, I have never seen NEPA changeth, Brother have you seen, No No No….Since I Born… I have never seen NEPA changeth”

In the twenty-something years I have been on this earth, Nigeria, the ‘giant of Africa’ has not been able to fix her electricity problem, the country’s electricity sector seems to be increasingly doing worse as her population increases exponentially, all this happening in spite of ‘efforts’ of different administrations to tackle this problem. While we(the citizens) have heard and continue to hear plans, reasons, excuses, accusations and more over this issue, it is however still hard to see anything concretely changing in this sphere anytime soon

Electricity(Power) has fast become the lifeblood of the modern economy, it is no surprise that the world’s consumption of electricity increased by about 300% in the last 3 decades, power  has now become an essential requirement for the development of a country’s economy, there are quite a number of research studies that show the positive correlation between higher level of economic growth and a sufficiently large supply of electricity(Read here)

Pondering about solving the energy problem in Nigeria has fed a lot of people dreams(myself inclusive), this  might have even contributed to my thought process in making some key educational choices as well however I still don’t think I can provide a simple or abstracted view of this industry as it stands, outlining the opportunities and challenges in such a way that anyone can easily understand and communicate warris is really going on

(Remember this? This was the dream then, solve electricity, then solve fuel usage…)

In this series, I intend to study this industry, understand how it works, what the challenges are, where they emanate from..e.t.c, eventually recording interesting stuff I come across on here.

This journey will begin from a brief study of the electrical sector’s history, looking to understand the different players in this sector and how their functions have evolved over the years, conducting comparisons of Nigeria’s electricity sector with countries with similar characteristics as ours, maybe a demand analysis (I have no idea how to do this, but I’d love to give it a stab) of the sector and more, These steps amongst others should help form a clearer view or understanding of the Nigerian sector and its enabling factors


Trying to get my understanding of this sector from A(Current state) to B


I am personally excited to start this journey, glad to have you along on this ride

Yours in Learning,

Taiye Oloriade


  1. Martha Abu

    This is really nice. I’m excited too! I’d love to learn more…

  2. Akande Olalekan Anthony

    This is a good one bro, a very big challenge we face today, waiting on subsequent publications about your findings. I hope and pray this will strike a chord and bring about positive change.

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